How to scrape SimplyHired

How to scrape Simplyhired

In this tutorial, we uncover the easiest hacks on how to perform 1-click scraping from SimplyHired, one of the most popular employment websites.

How to scrape Shopee

How to scrape Shopee

With this short tutorial, you will find out 1-click scraping hacks on how to get tons of product category data from Shopee on autopilot. No coding skills required.

How to scrape Slickdeals

How to scrape Slickdeals tutorial

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to scrape product listings and single products from Slickdeals to catch the best deals with the cheapest prices.

How to scrape Startupjobs

How to scrape Startupjobs

Want to stay updated on the latest startup job announcements? Learn how to scrape job listings from Startup.jobs on autopilot with Hexomatic.

How to scrape BizBuySell

How to scrape BizBuySell with Hexomatic

Want to learn how to scrape real estate listings from BizBuySell with 1 click? Follow our step-by-step instructions to get to know how to use our ready-made scraping recipe templates to get the job done.

How to scrape Autotrader

How to scrape Autotrader tutorial

re you a dealer looking for the best price or just a car enthusiast who wants to find a dream car? You are in the right place. Learn how to use Hexomatic to scrape Autotrader listings to be the first to catch the best deals

How to scrape Macy’s

How to scrape Macy's

In this short tutorial, we will uncover how to scrape any category listings from Macy’s to perform market research, price monitoring, and more to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

How to scrape AppSumo

How to scrape Appsumo

Ever wondered how to get all the AppSumo trending deals at once? Read on to get step-by-step instructions on how to scrape AppSuo trending deals instantly with Hexomatic.

How to scrape Betalist

How to scrape Betalist

Learn how to scrape startup data from BetaList to stay on top of the latest startup trends and micro SaaS businesses.

How to scrape Booking.com

How to scrape Booking.com

Want to scrape Booking.com in the easiest possible way? Learn how to perform 1-click scraping of hotels, airbnbs, and more with Hexomatic.