How to capture website screenshots in bulk tutorial

Website screenshots are ideal for archiving competitors landing pages, saving a snapshot of a page for outreach, visual testing or simply collecting inspiration which you can review later.
In this tutorial we will cover how you can capture screenshots on your computer manually and how you can automate or schedule this at scale using Hexomatic.

Early Access: Week #5 Updates

It’s Week #5 and I have a feature packed update for Hexomatic with new features, improved functionality and 3 new built in automations to scale your workflows. 💅

How to find B2B leads by scraping Google search results

Google has one the largest and freshest indexes of the internet with data updated every minute or less. If you are in the B2B space, the right search parameters can turn Google into a powerful resource for finding fresh new leads for your business.

In this short tutorial we are going to run through how you can use Google to find B2B leads in any industry and how you can scale this growth hack using Hexomatic to fill up your sales pipeline in no time.

How to get WHOIS details for any website at scale

WHOIS is a registry that provides important ownership, administrative and registration information for every domain name and IP address on the internet.

This enables you to find out for example when a domain name was purchased, it’s status (whether it’s been registered), when it is due to renew as well as contact details for the organization and administrators of the domain name.

Typically checking WHOIS information for a domain involves using a WHOIS search engine and checking domains one at a time. But wouldn’t it be great if you could automate this and perform checks on 100’s of domains at a time as part of your workflow?

In this short tutorial we will show you how

How to get technology stack data for any website in bulk

Websites tend to rely on a wide range of different technology stacks, 3rd party libraries and services. This type of information can be incredibly useful to provide an edge when researching websites, sales and marketing.

In this short tutorial we will walk you through how you can analyze any website using Hexomatic’s tech stack automation to get insider insights in minutes at scale.

How to get traffic and performance data for any website in bulk

Whether you’re prospecting for new leads or doing competitor research one of the key metrics you want to have is traffic data, in particular how many visitors a website receives and where this traffic is coming from.

In this short tutorial we will walk you through how you can get detailed traffic and performance estimates for any website in minutes using the Hexomatic Traffic analytics automation.

How automations work in Hexomatic

In this short tutorial we are going to run through how automations work and how you can use automations inside your workflows to perform work actions.

Whilst scraping recipes enable you to design your own bot to capture data from any website automations on the other hand are pre-built and enable you to perform specific tasks or leverage 3rd party services inside your workflow.

How to create scraping recipes

In this short tutorial we are going to run through how to create your own scraping recipes and use these inside a workflow.

Scraping recipes enable you to create your own bots to scrape data from any website via a point and click browser.